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GTC Prime with advance infrastructure and comprehensive expertise, offer tailor made pricing sourced from tier 1 banks with DMA execution. Our services have the full capacity to manage our clients trading demands and expectations.


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What We Offer

At GTC Prime, we offer liquidity solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs and goals. Our technology-driven approach allows us to serve clients around the world, including hedge funds, brokers, exchanges, and other professional clients.

Liquidity is the lifeblood of successful trading. At GTC Prime, we offer a range of liquidity solutions designed to provide our clients with fast, reliable, and cost-effective access to liquidity. Our liquidity solutions are based on white label MT4/MT5 liquidity solutions, providing our clients with access to a vast pool of liquidity across multiple

Connectivity is an essential element of successful trading. At GTC Prime, we offer reliable and fast connectivity solutions to connect our clients to the world’s financial markets. We understand the importance of speed and low latency in trading, and that’s why we have partnered with leading technology providers to deliver cutting-edge connectivity solutions.

Our connectivity solutions are based on white label MT4/MT5 liquidity solutions. We offer access to a vast pool of liquidity, including major currency pairs, precious metals, indices, and commodities. Our solutions are designed to provide our clients with the best trading experience, enabling them to execute trades faster and more efficiently.

Welcome to the Risk Management page of GTC Prime, a leading liquidity provider firm that offers comprehensive solutions to help brokers, hedge funds, asset managers, professional traders, and private trading desks manage their risks and protect their investments.

Risk management is an essential part of successful trading. At GTC Prime, we offer a range of risk management solutions designed to help our clients mitigate their exposure to market risks, including credit risk, operational risk, and liquidity risk.

Why Choose GTC Prime

Trusted Partner

We are a regulated Liquidity Provider with a team of experienced professionals.

Competitive Pricing

Thanks to our proprietary solutions we can offer lower commission and a minimum monthly fee as low as $1000.

Low Latency Execution

We host our servers close to our liquidity sources to minimize execution latency.

Deep Liquidity

Take advantage of our deep liquidity across all of our multi-asset instruments. Up to 10 levels of Market Depth.

In-House Technology

Based on advanced technology developed by the team of highly qualified experts to provide robust and scalable solutions.

Comprehensive Solutions

We are like a one-stop-shop offering our clients, product packages tailored to their needs.

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Liquidity Features

Low Spreads & Commission

Ultra Fast Execution

Up to 10 Levels of Market Depth

Quick Integration

Ultra Fast Price Feeds

Fast Onboarding Procedure

Easy Access Liquidity

Get Quick access to our liquidity via flexile integration with various distribution systems using our advanced technology.
Advanced technology assures easy and quick access to our Liquidity via various platforms and distribution systems:

Our Liquidity Markets

We provide liquidity access to 2000+ trading instruments and 8 asset classes on a single account:



Cash Indices

Future Indices





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